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Monday 28 November 2016

Arctic Temps? Meet Arctic Spa!

Posted at 1:12 PM

If you’re like most of the population, you dread the winter season each year. The days get shorter, the roads get riskier, and the cold gets colder. Some people figure there’s nothing they can do except shut themselves in the house and wait it out. Those people are wrong!

Nelson’s Power House is officially Arctic Spas of Wisconsin, your exclusive Wisconsin dealer of the only hot tub engineered for the world’s harshest climates!

Arctic Spa hot tubs are strategically designed to make owning a hot tub as easy as possible. These tubs last longer, cost less to operate, and are easier to maintain than other brands. They are efficient and environmentally sound. The Total Access concept lets you remove a single, insulated panel at a time, preventing the need for expensive foam replacement when it’s time for long term maintenance and repair. With a lifetime guarantee on the main hull structure and an optional self-regulating salt water cleaning system, Arctic Spa hot tubs are a low maintenance way to battle your winter blues!

Still worried about frigid winter temperatures? Arctic Spa hot tubs are engineered with a FreeheatInsulation System, which functions much like the walls and floors of your house do. Residual heat from the pump permeates the shell and helps to heat your water. High-density polyurethane foam and a 5” thick Mylovaccover help to keep that heat in, meaning you experience extra warmth with fewer heating cycles.

Love the cold? There are many other reasons to own an Arctic Spa hot tub outside of staying warm. The weightless feel of your body in water alleviates pain caused by chronic skeletal conditions or injuries. Soothing hot water jets and body-friendly seating help to reduce muscle tension. Relaxing in hot water also causes your body to maintain its internal temperature via perspiration, which is a form of natural detoxification.

BONUS - Arctic Spa hot tubs serve as the center of fun for all of your family and friends!

Let’s recap. You know why you want an Arctic Spa hot tub, and you know you can purchase yours from Nelson’s Power House in Merrill, Wisconsin…all that’s left is to choose the Arctic Spa system that’s right for you.

Arctic Tundra

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The Arctic Tundra is the ultimate when it comes to comfort. Each seat is designed to account for the differences in the human body. It’s like tailor-made spa therapy at  home.

Seating Capacity:                 7 Adults

Dimensions:                          7’9” x 7’9” x 3’3”H

Water Capacity:                    602 US Gallons

Jets:                                       (11) 5” Single Pulse Jets, (17) 3” Single Pulse and Directional Jets, (2) 3” Neck Jets,(1) Monsoon Jet

Arctic Summit

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Sit in the lap (or tub) of luxury with an Arctic Spa Summit. This deluxe model has three captains chairs and a love seat for extra relaxation -perfect for cozying up with a loved one, or entertaining a group.

Seating Capacity:                   6 Adults

Dimensions:                            7’9” x 7’9” x 3’3”H

Capacity:                                 497 US Gallons

Jets:                                         (13) 5” Single Pulse Jets, (14) 3” Single Pulse and Directional Jets, (2) 3” Neck Nets, (1) Monsoon Jet

Arctic Cub

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Feel free to stretch out in the Arctic Spa Cub. A full-length lounger and multi-level seating make this model ideal for maximum relaxation in minimum space.

Seating Capacity:                              5 Adults

Dimensions:                                       7’2” x 7’2” x 3’5”H

Capacity:                                            449 US Gallons

Jets:                                                    (7) 5” Single Pulse Jets, (9) 3” Single Pulse and Directional Jets

Arctic Yukon

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It’s all about space in this fantastic, family model. Featuring a circular design, kid-friendly seating, and the largest foot well of any seven foot hot tub in the industry – it’s sure to be your family’s new favorite pastime.

Seating Capacity:                              6 Adults

Dimensions:                                       7’2” x 7’2” x 3’5”H

Capacity:                                            489 US Gallons

Jets:                                                    (10) 5” Single Pulse Jets, (6) 3” Single Pulse and Directional Jets 



Arctic Glacier

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Snuggle up to a loved one in this compact hot tub that fits up to five, but excels when it’s just two. Two swivel seats and two therapy seats ensure that you and your partner get the exact hot tub experience you’re looking for!

Seating Capacity:                              5 Adults

Dimensions:                                       7’2” x 7’2” x 3’5”H

Capacity:                                            431 US Gallons

Jets:                                                    (9) 5” Single Pulse Jets, (7) 3” Single Pulse and Directional Jets

Coyote Tempe:

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This family-friendly tub is perfect for the family on a budget. It’s full of features like therapeutic jets and a top skimming filtration, so you get all of the fun for less.

Seating Capacity:                              6 Adults

Dimensions:                                       6’9” x 6’9” X 3’1.5”H

Capacity:                                            341 Gallons

Jets:                                                    30 Jets

Arctic Spa Hot Tubs already come LOADED with standard features, but there are a multitude of options available to help you personalize your brand new hot tub! Improve the structure and function of your spa with EcoPack Spa Controls, a Truguard Titanium Coated Heater, and a Forever Floordesigned to make installation a breeze. Relax in style with OnSpa® Wifi Connectivity and WebConnect. Add a color changing LED system or SkyFall® Fogger to set the mood. The possibilities are nearly endless. 

Over 2.4 million Arctic Spa combination options exist! Arctic Spas of Wisconsin can help you choose, customize, and order your new Arctic Spa hot tub ASAP. Free delivery and set-up are available to purchasers within a 50-mile radius of Nelson’s Power House in Merrill, Wisconsin.

Battle your winter blues by purchasing an Arctic Spa hot tub from Arctic Spas of Wisconsin – only at Nelson’s Power House.